BioSystems Co Ltd is one of the leading company in the fields of medical equipment sector & providing excellent products, complex services and customized solutions to our customers.

Founded in 2011, the company began trading and importing medical equipment, medical supplies and pharmaceutical products into the Mongolian marketplace. Since that time, it has been growing steadily, and now has become one of the leading supplier of medical and laboratory equipment, diagnostic and medical products in Mongolia.


In this fast-changing and globalized world the health care industry is continually incorporating scientific innovations into the available technology, resulting in increasingly modernized diagnostic and treatment facilities throughout the world.

We have been supplying advanced medical diagnostic and treatment equipment manufactured by the world’s leading companies to urban and rural hospitals and medical facilities. We provide our customers with the best product and solutions by regular feedback and cooperation.

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2011: Certification “Classified as served with the best advanced technology award winner”

2013: Customers reliable partner award

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BioSystems Co Ltd define corporate responsibility as action which positively impacts on our customers, our people, our suppliers and the communities around our business.

MEDical equipment company social responbilities

We value environmental protection, eco-friendly activities, and the support of social well-being in our organization, our communities, and in our relationships with others.

For healthcare organizations, we provide services to improve clinical efficiency and enhance patient care and quality. Our company donated medical equipment, reagent, medicine and medical devices to over 20 national healthcare organizations.


BioSystems Co Ltd has been cooperating with state and private health organizations and international organizations by supplying laboratory equipments, reagents, laboratory analyzers and medical equipments. Today, We are cooperating with 30 brand companies from around 10 different countries, who are the best known innovators in medical and aesthetic industry. We provide our customers with complete service, including installation, maintenance, professional training and consulting through domestic and foreign partnership.

We are the best at what we do…